Nore By Norrell

Lace laid! Lace glue

Lace laid! Lace glue

• Strong hold. Can last 2-4weeks
• Made for lace wigs & hair pieces
• Bathing, sleeping, and strong winds in most cases will not cause the wig to lift.
• Water resistant
• Skin safe” suitable for sensitive skin

• No latex
• No bad odor
• Non toxic
• Humidity resistant
• Made for excessively oily skin

If irrigation occurs please discontinue using the product and remove the hair piece as soon as possible.

How to:
Clean the desired area. Apply 4 thin coats waiting in between coats for the glue to turn clear before applying another coat. “20 seconds” after the last coat wait at least 5 mins or until tacky and completely clear before apply hair piece.

The glue holds based on your body’s chemistry. Everyone’s ph balance is different. Our glue can last 2-6 weeks. For one person it may only last 2 and for someone else it may last 4-6 so please keep that in mind before ordering that the hold can also depend on your body’s natural PH balance “body’s chemistry”.

No refunds. No exchanges.

Processing & shipping 7-10 business days