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Image of Modest collection straight lace wig
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Modest collection straight lace wig


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We are introducing our affordable wig collection. Which is named Modest wig collection. These wigs are affordable but you still get quality from them. They are processed and are not our raw Indian hair. They come in straight only at the moment.

Order a length up. Example: if you want a 24” get a 26”

The hair line comes pre plucked as in the actual photos.

Cap Size:
Our wigs are average size 23” with elastic straps. If you feel the wigs is small, you can remove the elastic straps at back.

180 Density..

Full and Thick. Average Size Cap, Medium Brown Lace with a Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs.

Hair Material:
1. Processed Brazilian Straight
Absolutely Clean, Natural black, Natural shine, Swiss lace

Hair care

1. Gently brush hair with brush before washing to remove excess tangles. Starting from the ends and work up towards the track.

2. Wash hair extensions using only the Moisturizing Shampoo. Preferably Dove intense repair.

3. Tip: Using distilled water keeps the minerals off of your hair extensions and can be found at your local grocery store, you will need 1 - 2 gallons

3. Fill sink with water and mix in the Moisturizing Shampoo. Gather hair in a ponytail at the top by the track, and fastening with a hair tie to keep hair together in the same direction 

4. Then gently immerse hair in water with shampoo until well saturated, work extra shampoo into extensions if needed using the finger combing method

5. Rinse thoroughly in clean water

6. Squeeze out excess water gently, Do Not Rub or Twist Hair

7. Fill sink with fresh water, and add Dove Intensive repair Conditioner to hair working into hair with fingers. Immerse hair into water, and work conditioner into hair gently finger comb out tangles while under water

8. Rinse thoroughly,

9. Towel blot hair extensions to remove excess water & hang or lay flat to dry. Do not wring out the hair or squeeze it too hard. Using a towel, gently press to absorb moisture. Do not rub your hair with the towel, this may cause frizzing or damage

10. After hair has dried, use your bio silk on ends of hair to protect, defrizz and smooth hair before styling 

11. Since the natural texture of Nore® Extensions is wavy, you may need to use a flat iron to straighten and smooth hair extensions after washing

12. Style as desired

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Image of Modest collection straight lace wig